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The Video Game Narrative Essay - 1179 Words

nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; The Video Game Narrative nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The first argument that arose out of the video game world was the debate of video game violence. Still unresolved, this debate has actually allowed for the video game industry to come fully into the main stream. As the din over violence quieted the fans of the game society began to focus on issues more akin to their own style. So then began the debate of game play vs. the video game narrative. The question arose; can a game also be a story? While the semantics would suggest that, no, a game cannot be a story, we do realize that a game can contain a story. However,†¦show more content†¦Initially it would seem that the answer is simple, leaning towards the same linear story we’ve dealt with for years; however, the ability to change the story depending on your own choices gives the game certain originality every time you play it. It ceases to be a storyteller and gives you the ability to choose. Ultimately, it seems, games of the role-playing gen re will give you the ability to influence every decision down to the most minute aspect. The Sims (2000) allowed a player to create a single simulated person (a sim) or an entire family of sims, and each simulated day the player could control everything their sim did, ranging from going to work, watching TV, eating, and even going to the bathroom. This ultimate choice seems to make the story of a game less of a story, and more of a reality. However, the point of the game has no real climax and no end to the game, so it is in a genre of its own. It seems we should focus more on games that have a literal story line to get the answer. So, Knights of the Old Republic (2003) was released and quickly became the RPG of the year. It was awarded the title for graphical beauty, but most importantly, a revolutionary leveling system. As the game progressed your character gains experience from not only fighting, but from completing tasks and working with a myriad of objects and computers. But the more impressive feature was the influence that your character hadShow MoreRelatedEssay on Video Games: A New Experience?1430 Words   |  6 PagesIn 1972, the famous video game Pong was released and quickly became the first popular arcade game. A simple game based on ping-pong with archaic graphic design and controls. Thirty-nine years later we have gone from Pong to elaborate Hollywood style games that are based around narrative like Call of Duty or Metal Gear Solid. Video games have come from simply being games to becoming what some argue is a new medium for narrative that can tell a story uniquely and completely unlike film and literatureRead MoreSynopsis Of Storytelling Games 1720 Words   |  7 PagesThesis: Storytelling in games gives the gamers the opportunity to be involved in the game, experience the characters, stimulate feelings like fear and excitement and let the player know they make situations happen and the choices they make affect the outcome as well as motivate them to continue on. Background: After reading parts of The Storytelling Animal, it was clear that storytelling is in everything. As an avid videogame player it was evident that many of the games that people play, like BattlefieldRead MoreHow Can Stories Operate Within Open World Environments Essay1655 Words   |  7 Pagesplayers down a set story path. Open world, or free roam, is video game terminology meaning a player has the ability to operate freely within a virtual world. They contrast level-by-level games in that, at any given point, a player may choose to diverge from the storyline and embark on a journey of their own. Regardless of being nonlinear, open world environments offer a narrative by incorporating an ultimate goal into the plot. Though narratives are often straightforward in traditional forms of mediaRead MoreVisual Exploration Of Video Games1260 Words   |  6 PagesThrough the course of the English 1102 Folklore In Video Games class, I not only gained exposure to the analytic exploration of video games, but developed as a reader, writer, and presenter. While playing video games in an English class was a refreshingly different experience, learning how to analyze these games and showcase my knowledge through multimodal projects and presentations were the major takeaways from this course. Additionally, the included artifacts emphasized both individual responsibilityRead MoreThe Final Version Of The Track1469 Words   |  6 Pagesstruggled and worked for in the game. In her work, Coplan notes that sound design and musical direction is what causes film to be an art form. That the sound design and music engages the viewers, and that is what renders them so effective. This is no different for the game Journey and the emotional response it has gotten from its audience (Coplan). They have a fondness for the game based not only on its visuals and soundtrack, but its story as well. The entire aspect of the game is about the journey theRead MoreThe Dystopian Concept Of Beholder And Watchdog2 By George Orwell1431 Words   |  6 Pages3. Orwell: A society without privacy In order to analyse deeply about the dystopian concept in Beholder and Watchdog2, here is another example game named Orwell, which basically express same dystopian thoughts as Watchdogs series. It released on 20th October 2016, which developed by a German group named Osmotic Studios. The game idea was directly encouraged by a surveillance program named PRISM which disclosure by a Central Intelligence Agency employee Edward Snowden in 2014. His PowerPoint slidesRead MorePostive Impact of Playing Video Games1296 Words   |  6 Pagesbeen debate over the positive and negative affects of video games with a good deal of focus on more violent games. Prior to and concurrently with this debate, there have also been similar debates over radio, television, and movies but, as should be obvious from the current breadth of media, no studies have definitively proven any negative affects. The detractors of video games claim, based on media effects research, that people who play video games with an y sort of violence in them have heightened antisocialRead MoreVideo games in Hollywood1045 Words   |  4 Pagesclassic, or memorable video games in their own right, but their silver screen counterparts? Not so much. Why though? Why is it that video games can not translate into the same box office success that has been experienced by comic books and novels since the early 2000s? I have identified four crucial reasons why video games will never see the same commercial success as other mediums have: video games are not respected as an art form, Hollywood does not understand gaming, video games are difficult to translateRead MoreRationale on Effects of Playing Computer Games on the Academic Performance of the Students1503 Words   |  7 PagesRationale and Importance Gaming in Education: What Students Can Learn From Video Games in School As new teachers enter the workforce with greater technology familiarity than their predecessors, a wider margin of accepted teaching methods has developed, changing the way in which educators are able to form successful instructional relationships with their students. Many districts, in order to help faculty keep pace with their rapidly changing and technologically capable student bodies, are attemptingRead MoreEvil Experiment to Create Superhuman Warriors Essay595 Words   |  3 Pageswarriors. Subject 42 must find the courage to take leadership of the other â€Å"subjects† to stand against the Silus an superhuman soilder sent with a band of soldiers to capture the† subjects† dead or alive. The structure of our project is similar to a video game medium. It begins with introduction/setup where one learns the situation of the characters (surviving in a squatter camp), a small amount of backstory about the characters, their relationship with other characters, their personalities are explored

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Estimates of Taxes Paid by Undocumented Immigrants

The generally-held belief that undocumented immigrants pay no income tax is generally incorrect. Many undocumented immigrants find ways to pay both federal income and payroll taxes even though they might not have a Social Security number—even if they are working illegally. How Much They Pay According to estimates by the nonpartisan American Immigration Council, households headed by illegal immigrants paid a combined $11.2 billion in state and local taxes during 2010. Based on estimates compiled by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, the American Immigration Council reported that the $11.2 billion in taxes paid by illegal immigrants in 2010 included $8.4 billion in sales taxes, $1.6 billion in property taxes and $1.2 billion in state personal income taxes. According to the  American Immigration Council: In spite of the fact that they lack legal status, these immigrants—and their family members—are adding value to the U.S. economy; not only as taxpayers, but as workers, consumers, and entrepreneurs as well. The Bipartisan Policy Center reports that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) estimates more than $9 billion is paid each year by undocumented immigrants. They help keep the struggling Social Security system afloat while receiving hardly any benefits from it. (The sole exception has been the Child Tax Credit, and even that has been amended to apply only to children who have Social Security numbers.) Why Would They Pay Taxes? It is true that many undocumented immigrants are illegally paid â€Å"under the table† for their work and do not pay taxes on their income. But many others choose to pay income tax, hoping that by doing so they will eventually become American citizens. While evidence for this is largely anecdotal, several attempts at comprehensive immigration reform legislation over the last decade, including S.744 (the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act), have contained provisions listing attributes such as â€Å"good moral character† and â€Å"paying back taxes† as requirements for obtaining citizenship. Should such an immigration reform bill ever become law, undocumented immigrants could use a provable history of paying taxes as one way to show good faith and moral character.   Which States Got the Most? According to the American Immigration Council, California led all states in taxes from households headed by undocumented immigrants, at $2.7 billion in 2010. Other states gleaning significant revenue from taxes paid by illegal immigrants included: Texas: $1.6 billionFlorida: $806.8 millionNew York: $662.4 millionIllinois: $499.2 million The left-leaning  Institute on Taxation Economic Policy  issued a 2017 report saying undocumented immigrants contributed a total of $11.7 billion in state and local taxes. This is the state breakdown it gave for 2014, the most recent year for which it had figures: California: $3.2 billionTexas: $1.6 billionNew York: $1.1 billionIllinois: $758.9 millionFlorida: $598.7 millionNew Jersey: $587.4 millionGeorgia: $351.7 millionNorth Carolina: $277.4 millionVirginia, $256 millionArizona, $213.6 million Note: While California may have realized $2.7 billion from taxes paid by undocumented  immigrants in 2010, a 2004 report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform showed that California spends more than $10.5 billion annually on the education, health care and incarceration of its illegal immigrant population. Where Did It Get These Figures? In coming up with its estimate of $11.2 billion in annual taxes paid by undocumented  immigrants, the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy says it relied on: An estimate of each states unauthorized populationThe average family income for unauthorized immigrantsState-specific tax payments Estimates of the undocumented  or unauthorized population of each state came from the Pew Research Center and the 2010 Census. According to the Pew Center, an estimated 11.2 million undocumented immigrants lived in the U.S. during 2010. The average annual income for households headed by an illegal immigrant was estimated at $36,000, of which about 10% is sent to support family members in countries of origin. The Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) and the American Immigration Council  assume  undocumented immigrants actually pay these taxes because: Sales tax is automatic, so it is assumed that unauthorized residents would pay sales tax at similar rates to U.S. citizens and legal immigrants with similar income levels.Similar to sales tax, property taxes are hard to avoid, and unauthorized immigrants are assumed to pay the same property taxes as others with the same income level. ITEP assumes that most unauthorized immigrants are renters, and only calculates the taxes paid by renters.Income tax contributions by the unauthorized population are less comparable to other populations because many unauthorized immigrants work off the books and income taxes are not automatically withheld from their paychecks. ITEP conservatively estimates that 50 percent of unauthorized immigrants are paying income taxes. One Big Disclaimer There is no question that undocumented  immigrants do pay some taxes. As the American Immigration Council  correctly points out, sales taxes and property taxes as a component of rent are unavoidable, no matter a persons citizenship status. However, when the U.S. Census Bureau so emphatically states that illegal immigrants are the most difficult individuals for them to locate and count in the decennial census, any figure as elusive as the total taxes they pay must be considered a very rough estimate. In fact, the  American Immigration Council acknowledges this by adding the following disclaimer: Of course, it is difficult to know precisely how much these families pay in taxes because the spending and income behavior of these families is not as well documented as is the case for U.S. citizens. But these estimates represent a sensible best approximation of the taxes these families likely pay.

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Technological Development Free Essays

The primary purpose off gas mask is to prevent deadly gases or poisonous material from accessing the lungs and attacking the person. It does not deliver its own oxygen supply, but cleans out the particles. They can also shield the face from any interaction poisons or gases. We will write a custom essay sample on Technological Development or any similar topic only for you Order Now Machine Guns: Until the machine gun was created, we only had rifles which was slow. You could only shoot one bullet at a time and then you had to load another bullet into the chamber using the bolt. When you used the bolt, it would refuse the consumed container shell and load the next one into the chamber. This had to be done for every shot fired, and was cumbersome and took time. The machine gun is designed to shoot continuously hundreds of ammunitions per minute. The outcome it had been was to execute a lot of soldiers and far more than ever could be killed by soldiers equipped with rifles. An additional thing that help making the machine gun so effective was with the way the soldiers were trained to bring attack on the target. All of them would run toward the waves. This was in effect means when the adversary was only armed with rifles where you had to aim to shoot the enemy. But, when an army of running men encountered machine guns they were trimmed down effortlessly. These particular firepower might even have even played a part of bringing the war to an end. Telephone: The aim of the harmonic telegraph is to perceptibly connect with people ho are without reach straightaway. Before the telephone, long distance messages were through telegraph machines that were less efficient and took longer to get messages across because only dots and dashes at the time could be communicated. Telephones are predominantly used for fast communication and crises. The vital thing to medical survival in many bad conditions is for the wounded person to get medical assistance quickly. Back then before when the telephone wasn’t invented, it was hard for people to get assistance quickly. Telephones allow for rapid immunization during normal catastrophes as well. That way it is likely for the government to give warning to people of imminent disaster before they come. The telephone also has the function of easy conversation in average day’s circumstances like calling to order items such as pies, cabs, pizza or flowers. People may talk in an ordinary way to discuss their lives Just as they would if they were at the same places. Radio: radio came out when televisions didn’t exist, but it was used in a similar function as we use a TV currently, like being attentive to comedy shows and music. When the TV was created, the radio lost its fame and popularity as a result of folks favored the TV more. However, radios were convenient that they became mainly used primarily for music shows and speaking. And, that their purpose nowadays. In today’s world radio is free and this is a good thing because we are usually paying for some sort of entertainment. Moreover, if you are driving you can turn on the radio and get updated news on traffic Jams or being on the lookout and music that you can enjoy while driving. How to cite Technological Development, Papers

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Principles of Logistics Management Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Principles of Logistics Management. Answer: Introduction Background and Purpose of the Report The purpose of the report is to analyze the current operations of a manufacturing company in terms of linking the same with logistics functions. It focuses on analyzing the interfaces between logistics functions with the production, marketing and accounts and finance activities of the manufacturing firm. Further, effective analysis and recommendations are taken to be rendered associated with the order cycle and the inventory management functions of the manufacturing organization. Both empirical and case study related research is taken to be undertaken for understanding and evaluating the effectiveness and potential of the logistics functions of the manufacturing firm with order cycle and inventory management activities conducted by it. The report would thus help in reflecting on the practical effectiveness of the theoretical directions concerning logistics management activities regarding manufacturing organizations. Overview of DyStar Group DyStar Group established during 1995 in terms of a joint venture between two companies Hoechst AG and Bayer Textile Dyes operates as a market leader in manufacturing dyestuff and chemicals and also in generation of coloring solutions. DyStar Group serves its customers through the generation of different types of colorants, effective chemicals and also other types of services. A timeline of DyStar Group is reflected as follows. DyStar Group renders innovative services and solutions to the textile industry while also providing services to other sectors like paints, packaging industry, coatings and also paper products. It also serves other sectors like food and beverage and also personal care through the generation of different types of chemical solutions and products. The service divisions of DyStar Group essentially focus on providing assistance to different types of brands, retail institutions and also other types of industry partners in terms of operating through effective supply chains that helps both in reducing lead times and also the supply chain and distribution costs. Moreover, DyStar also works based on the basis of an econfidence program that generates assurance regarding the meeting of legal compliances of its chemical products and solutions(DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd, 2017). The Interfaces: Interface between Logistics and Production An effective interface between logistics and production is associated to the duration required for meeting of the production operations. Operational efficiency is determined in terms of existence of long range production runs with infrequent amount of changeovers. However, production operations carried out for longer durations tend to result in some finished products while also limits the supplies of other types of merchandises(Rushton, Croucher, Baker, 2017). Production managers are thus required to evaluate the benefits and challenges associated to both long and short term production activities and the impact of such on the inventory position of the firm. Manufacturing or production firms are observed to focus on the development of short-term production functions and essentially focus on reducing the cost and time associated to shifting of production activities from one product line to another(Coyle, Langley, Novack, Gibson, 2012). Optimization of logistics in DyStar contributes in reducing the amount of space required for transportation of cargo from one region to another. The same helps in reducing wastage of cargo space while also generate fuel efficiency and reduction of transportation costs. Production sites are planned in areas with proximity to potential customer bases. The optimization of the logistics space enabled by trucks contributes in generating needed efficiency. Development of satellite warehouses at different regions and provision of consignment stocks to potential buyers are identified as two activities for enhancing productivity of land transportation systems. For long distances, DyStar focuses on sea freight logistic systems compared to air freight owing to increased cost of the latter(DyStar Group , 2016). Interface between Logistics and Marketing The logistics function of an organization bears effective relation with the marketing activities of the firm in that the outbound systems or development of distribution networks plays a key aspect in selling of a product. The interface between marketing and logistics function can be further studied based on the incorporation of 4Ps like product, price, place and promotional elements of the marketing mix. Regarding product, the logistics department is concerned with the different dimensions like size, shape, volume and weight of the product in that effective packaging is required to be provided thereof. Knowledge about the above dimensions also helps in generation of effective storage of such products and also in estimating use of logistics space(Christopher Peck, 2012). In terms of pricing delivery of large quantities of products enables the shipper to save costs regarding logistics operation. Saving on logistics costs thus helps the marketer or producer to render discounts and rebates to the ultimate customer. The place parameter focuses on evaluating the type of distribution network favored by the firm. Distribution networks that are wholesale bounded are observed to reflect reduced amount of logistics compared to that of retailers needing frequent use of logistics(Min, 2015). Relating to promotional aspects it is the duty of the marketer generating promotions or sales to rightly collaborate with the logistics team for generation of the right amount of products ordered by the customers within the stipulated period. In DyStar land based distribution functions are aptly catered based on truck based transports such that the same helps in reaching merchandises to customers in a cost effective fashion. For long distances, logistics system enabled based on sea transport are favored compared to air transport systems for reducing costs(DyStar Group , 2016). Interface between Logistics and Accounts and Finance Apart from production and marketing, logistics also bears an effective relation with the accounts and finance department of a business institution. Logistics functions tend to potentially affect the Return on Assets (ROA) or the Return on Investments (ROI) of a firm. Accumulation of unused inventory levels negatively affects the ROA of the company and vice-versa. Again, increase in the level of costs regarding transportation and warehousing also tend to affect the ROI levels of the organization. Similarly, the accounts and finance department also focus on evaluating the amount of returns gained based on the investments rendered regarding development of logistics functions(Kasilingam, 2012). In DyStar the management focuses on generation of full loads of transport such that the same helps in optimization of space and thereby in reducing costs associated with fuel and logistics space(DyStar Group , 2016). Order Cycle The order cycle of DyStar reflects that the offers rendered by the seller are not binding based on different parameters like price of the merchandises, quantity to be delivered, time at which the delivery is required to be carried out and finally the availability of the product. On the contrary, the offer put forward by the buyer requires to be implemented by the seller in that it stands binding on the latter owing to the buyers acceptance of the invoice generated by the seller. The seller is thereby required to put into effect the delivery as quickly as possible. The seller is thereby not required to fix different times of delivery. However, in cases where an agreement regarding time of delivery is agreed between the buyer and seller, the latter is required to incorporate the actions of the suppliers for delivering the right amount and pattern of products to the buyers. The delivery is required to be carried out in a punctual fashion such that the delivery date is ascertained as the specific date at which the merchandises have reached the buyers. The seller has the right for selecting both the route and also the transport mode for delivering the products to the customer. The cost required to be incurred for meeting of special delivery is required to be borne by the buyer on account of the demand made by the latter(DyStar , 2014). The order processing system of a manufacturing firm is reflected as follows. In terms of packaging, DyStar focuses on the generation of recycled and reused packaging such that the same can be used in a repetitive fashion along future periods(DyStar , 2012). The responsiveness of the Order Processing System of DyStar can be effectively enhanced through the incorporation of information technology. The IT enabled order processing system contributes in effective tracking of the merchandises location, movement of the merchandise along different locations and also the credit standing of the customer. The computer instantly contributes in the generation of the shipment order, bills for the customers, updating inventory records, helps in replenishment of stocks and also intimates the sales representative regarding the actual situation of the order. Incorporation of Information Technology ideally contributes in speeding up the order processing system and also enhances the effectiveness of the system leading to reduction of discrepancies(Venkataraman Pinto, 2017). Inventory Management DyStar operating as a manufacturing company in the ambit of chemical industry is required to handle large amounts of inventory for meeting the diverse needs of its customers and other stakeholder groups. The firm focuses on optimizing on its inventory volumes for enhancing the revenue and return generation capacity on the investments made concerning the carrying out of the production functions. DyStar depending on the production and delivery of products that are affected by price volatility is observed to suffer from the unpredictable nature of the inventory amounts. Standardization of the inventory levels for DyStar stands as a prerequisite in cases where the company is required to focus on the development of stock keeping function for meeting of key needs of local and regional markets. Further, effective inventory volumes are required to be rightly planned for meeting of contingencies such that the same is integrated with logistics, sales and procurement activities. Planning of eff ective inventory volumes rightly help in managing shutdowns of supplier units and also changes in consumer demands(Kirschstein, 2015). DyStar can effectively focus on working based on real time inventory tracking mechanisms such that it needs to incorporate agile breakthroughs based on the incorporation of Radio Frequency Identification or RFID Bar Codes for its products and also Point-of-Sales scanners across sales outlets, warehouses and supplier stations. The incorporation of POS Scanners would help in ideally tracking the movement of merchandises along the different centres such that the same would help in enhancing the effectiveness of inventory tracking while also in evaluating the changes in consumer behavior and demands. Data collected through the use of POS Scanners is transmitted over the ERP Software for helping the different stakeholders gain effective access to such data for inventory/stock planning and management purposes. Effective stocking of needed inventory can be planned through the synchronization of logistics and transportation mechanisms for reaching of stocks to the manufacturing units on time for meeting the objectives of Just-in-Time (JIT) mechanism (Stern, 2017). Conclusion The report effectively analyses the different interfaces that were generated between the logistics functions carried out by DyStar, a dye and product manufacturing company with its production, marketing and finance and accounts functions. The case study of DyStar is analyzed based on the incorporation of empirical research associated to the study of books, reports and other potential literature. Further, the current order processing and inventory management system of DyStar is also analyzed in the report based on the incorporation of theoretical inputs. The current order cycle of DyStar is recommended to be enhanced through the incorporation of Information Technology tools while the inventory management systems of the company are taken to be enhanced based on the generation of needed agility. References Christopher, M., Peck, H. (2012). Marketing Logistics. New York : Routledge . Coyle, J. J., Langley, C. J., Novack, R. A., Gibson, B. (2012). Supply Chain Management: A Logistics Perspective. United States : Cengage Learning. DyStar . (2014). General Conditions of Sale and Delivery. Retrieved October 1, 2017, from DyStar . (2012). Sustainability Report . Singapore: DyStar. DyStar Group . (2016). Sustainability Performance Report. Singapore : DyStar Group . DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd. (2017). About DyStar Group. Retrieved September 30, 2017, from Kasilingam, R. G. (2012). Logistics and Transportation: Design and planning. United Kingdom : Springer. Kirschstein, T. (2015). Integrated Supply Chain Planning in Chemical Industry: Potentials of Simulation in Network Planning. United Kingdom : Springer. Kuljanic, E. (2014). AMST'99 - Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference. United Kingdom : Springer. Min, H. (2015). The Essentials of Supply Chain Management: New Business Concepts and Applications. United States : FT Press. Rushton, A., Croucher, P., Baker, P. (2017). The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management: Understanding the Supply Chain. United States : Kogan Page Publishers. Stern, T. V. (2017). Lean and Agile Project Management: How to Make Any Project Better, Faster, and More Cost Effective. United Kingdom : CRC PrEss. Venkataraman, R. R., Pinto, J. K. (2017). Operations Management: Managing Global Supply Chains. United Kingdom : SAGE.

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How the Internet Is a Good Tool to Learn New Languages free essay sample

Among these sites we have Livermore and Buss; these are two highly recommended tools that offer users entertainment and knowledge. There is no doubt that on line language learning immunities are the perfect blend between fun and learning, as the following reasons may illustrate.The main purpose of these sites is to be a free platform in which people interact with others to learn new languages, most of the benefits are included in the free version, if you help other members to learn your native language, the lessons will be unblocked progressively, although If you want to make your learning experience deeper or Just to be a PIP member you have to pay a certain amount of money to accede to the whole benefits; then these sites will send you a daily report of news and exercises by e-mail. The ease to present the contents Is another of the main reasons by which people choose using these sites, because they offer a great variety of resources, such as images, videos, sounds, access to online newspapers and magazines, etc. We will write a custom essay sample on How the Internet Is a Good Tool to Learn New Languages or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page By making use of these advantages you can practice both, grammar and vocabulary. Most grammar rules are explained in various kinds of exercises. All courses include a great amount of progressive lessons so, as well you can see what you want to learn and repeat modules as many times as you like.You can download PDF and MPH files of each lesson, which you can use to practice in any other place. You need to pass a test if you want to move on to the next level. By using Livermore and Buss you can keep in touch with people from all over the world, no matter how far away they live. Video chatting Is a good way to connect with friends you have made to make clear your doubts. These sites offer a great proclamation In discussion groups so as to exchange knowledge with others around the world. Hen you are learning a new language, it is very important hearing native speakers pronunciation, so you can improve your speaking skills. Practicing with foreign language speakers may be useful to become fluent, seeing that we learn idiomatic expressions that are not generally taught in language classes. Moreover you can send to your friends writing and speaking submissions so that they can be corrected. Learning languages is one of the best things that I have made in my life; with this I have learned about culture, geography, technology, economy, health and so on.In recent times, social networks are considered as a waste of time, but if they are well used could be a very fast and effective method to learn new languages and a lot of other things. If you have never studied another language, It Is time to start; do not SSE the opportunity to do It, go right now and create an account on Lovelace or Buss; these sites are the best tools you can use if you are looking entertainment and There we can find clear instructions to start learning, and it makes you increase your necessity to strike up conversations as well.Undoubtedly, Livermore and Buss can change your life, and your way to see the world; you will be surprised with the useful that they can be, and with the satisfaction that causes understand and to be understood by people from any other country; do not forget that you can learn when you want to, and practice online at anytime.

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ESL Lesson Plan on Countable and Uncountable Nouns

ESL Lesson Plan on Countable and Uncountable Nouns The following lesson focuses on helping intermediate to upper-intermediate students solidify their knowledge of countable and uncountable nouns and their quantifiers. It also includes a number of overlooked or idiomatic expressions to help higher level students expand their knowledge of various quantifying terms used by mother tongue speakers. Noun Quantifiers Lesson   Aim: Review and solidification of countable and uncountable noun and noun quantifiers Activity: Review discussion followed by multiple choice dialogue fill-in exercise Level: Intermediate to upper-intermediate Outline: Begin review by asking students to identify the worksheet list of objects as countable or uncountable.Activate quantifier vocabulary by asking which quantifiers can be used to modify countable and uncountable nouns. At this point, it is a good idea to write the two categories on the board for students to copy.Discuss some of the more problematic quantifiers such as the difference between a few and few, a little and little. Discuss which quantifiers can be used in the question, positive and negative forms.Have students complete the multiple choice fill in dialogue in pairs or small groups.Correct worksheet as a class.As a follow-up activity asks students to write a description of their room at home listing the various items that can be found in that room. Ask students to not use exact numbers, rather to use quantifiers. Countable and Uncountable - Noun Quantifiers Identify the following objects as countable or uncountable information, rules, sheep, money, learning, rice, bottles of wine, equipment, traffic, stone, stones, talent, web sites, clothes, music, deserts, land, nations, peoples, fish, pollution, understanding, RAM, artworks, orders, food Choose the correct answers in the following dialogue CHRIS: Hi! What are you up to?PETE: Oh, Im just looking for ( A) many ( B) some ( C) any antiques at this sale.CHRIS: Have you found ( A) something ( B) anything ( C) nothing yet?PETE: Well, there seems to be ( A) a few ( B) few ( C) little things of interest. It really is a shame.CHRIS: I cant believe that. Im sure you can find ( A) a thing ( B) something ( C) anything interesting if you look in ( A) all ( B) each ( C) some stall.PETE: Youre probably right. Its just that there are ( A) a few ( B) a lot ( C) a lot of collectors and they ( A) every ( B) each ( C) all seem to be set on finding ( A) a thing ( B) anything ( C) much of value. Its so stressful competing with them!CHRIS: How ( A) many ( B) much ( C) few antique types of furniture do you think there is?PETE: Oh, Id say there must be ( A) many ( B) several ( C) much pieces. However, only ( A) a few ( B) few ( C) little are really worth ( A) the high ( B) a high ( C) high prices they are asking.CHRIS: Why dont you take a break ? Would you like to have ( A) any ( B) some ( C) little coffee? PETE: Sure, Id love to have ( A) any ( B) little ( C) one. I could use ( A) some ( B) a few ( C) a little minutes of downtime.CHRIS: Great, Lets go over there. There are ( A) a few ( B) some ( C) little seats left. Answer Key Identify the following objects as countable or uncountable information UNCOUNTABLE, rules COUNTABLE, sheep COUNTABLE, money UNCOUNTABLE, learning UNCOUNTABLE, rice UNCOUNTABLE, bottles of wine COUNTABLE, equipment UNCOUNTABLE, traffic UNCOUNTABLE, stone UNCOUNTABLE, stones COUNTABLE, talent UNCOUNTABLE,  web sites  COUNTABLE, clothes UNCOUNTABLE, music UNCOUNTABLE, deserts COUNTABLE, land UNCOUNTABLE, nations COUNTABLE, peoples COUNTABLE, fish COUNTABLE, pollution UNCOUNTABLE, understanding UNCOUNTABLE, RAM COUNTABLE,  artworks  COUNTABLE, orders COUNTABLE, food UNCOUNTABLE Choose the correct answers in the following dialogue CHRIS: Hi! What are you up to?PETE: Oh, Im just looking for  some  antiques at this sale.CHRIS: Have you found  anything  yet?PETE: Well, there  seems to be  few  things of interest. It really is a shame.CHRIS: I cant believe that. Im sure you can find  something  interesting if you look in  each  stall.PETE: Youre probably right. Its just that there are  a lot of  collectors and they  all  seem to be set on finding  anything  of value. Its so stressful competing with them!CHRIS: How  much  antique furniture do you think there is?PETE: Oh, Id say there must be  several  pieces. However, only  a few  are really worth  the high  prices they are asking.CHRIS: Why dont you take a break? Would you like to have  some  coffee?PETE: Sure, Id love to have  one. I could use  a few  minutes  of downtime.CHRIS: Great, Lets go over there. There are  a few little  seats left.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Management info Systems Individual work wk9 Essay

Management info Systems Individual work wk9 - Essay Example This information can be quickly disseminated if the appropriate information-sharing technologies are put in place. These technologies also need support from networks that are capable of global communication (Hossein,2013). Global Information systems are defined in two ways; control and coordination. A control centered global information system is characterized by a centralized data architecture that is used across the organization. This structure is characterized by standard report formats, and the system is designed to track the performance of the organization. The coordination centered global information system is characterized by decentralized data architecture. Each department in the organization has an element of standardization within it and is capable of communicating these standards to other departments. The technologies used support informal communication and the encouraged socialization (Hossein, 2013). There are numerous factors that are crucial to any global information system. These are the operational and strategic requirements. Operational requirements entail the ability of a global information system to provide support for daily activities within the organization. It should also provide consolidated global reporting, ease of communication between the head organization and its branches across the world and management of short –term foreign exchange risks. Strategic requirements entail the ability of the information system to provide support for long-term goals. These include management of long-term foreign exchange risks, global risks, and political risks. The design and execution of global information systems face various obstacles. Lack of standardization across the countries in the world is one major factor. The differences in time zones, language barriers, taxation policies, and language barriers pose an enormous challenge in the development of global information systems. The lack of